Repression Continues Despite of Proclamation 1017 Lifting


“Despite of the lifting of Proclamation 1017 the unconstitutional and illegal means by which Mrs. Arroyo has dealt with the opposition still continues,” this according to Church based human rights organization Task Force Detainees of the Philippines (TFDP).


Accoding to TFDP, Executive Director Sr. Crescencia Lucero the events happening today is similar to U.S. Senator McCarthy’s communist witch hunts during the 1950’s with Malacanang positively identifying individuals of being coup plotters and destabilizers by virtue of their political beliefs and their political association and not on the basis of concrete evidence.


“The blacklisting of print and broadcast personalities, arrests of Partylist Representatives, crackdown on alleged financiers of the coup, military zoning operations against urban poor communities, and the airing of a documentary in government stations which identifies peoples organizations and NGO’s who are allegedly part of the rightist and leftist conspiracy clearly show that instead of the right to be presumed innocent until proven guilty what we have now is a confirmation of guilt based on the accusations of Malacanang.” Sr. Lucero said.


“According to our laws, the accused has the right to be informed of the charges being filed against him/her and he/she must be arraigned at no later than 36 hours from the time of arrest. Failure to do so is a violation of human rights, and is a denial of the due process of the law.” Sr. Lucero added.


“Today what we are seeing is a revival of Marcosian politics whose concept of “rule of law” is the rule of the ruler. What we have now is a president, whose hold to power is based on circumventing the law, institutionalizing warrantless arrests, unlawful search and seizure, denying the rights of due process to the accused, condoning extra judicial killings and involuntary disappearances, and implementing red baiting tactics designed to spread a climate of fear and terror.” Sr. Lucero reiterated.


“TFDP strongly condemns Mrs. Arroyo’s repressive and tyrannical rule. An accounting of Mrs. Arroyo’s violation of human rights must be made in order for truth, freedom, and democracy to prevail.” Sr. Lucero concluded.#