End Impunity! Out With GMA Now!

Build A Government Based on the Framework of Human Rights!



20 years after the 1986 people power revolt, the state repression and violence that marked the Marcos regime continue to undermine the very democracy that the people fought for at EDSA.


Under the Arroyo administration cases of torture, involuntary disappearance, and other human rights violations continue to persist and the rate in which extrajudicial killings have occurred under Mrs. Arroyo have reached alarming proportions.


The Task Force Detainees of the Philippines own documentation shows that there are 50 cases of extrajudicial killings affecting 57 individuals from the period of January 2001- December 2005. The actual number of cases is actually much larger, but due to constraints TFDP was not able to document all of it.  


But more than just statistics, the rise in the number of extrajudicial killings clearly shows that the Arroyo government has failed in its obligation to respect, protect and fulfill human rights. n fact it is the Arroyo administration’s war against terror and its growing repression of all forms of dissent that has bred the growing culture of violence and impunity.  


And because of this “total war” mindset many regions in the Philippines today are militarized, and all those who clamor for social reforms are branded as communists’ supporters and therefore become easy targets of right wing attacks.


People who are merely exercising their rights to free speech, assembly, and organization have been harassed threatened and in some cases killed. Most of the victims were human rights advocates campaigning against human rights violations committed by the police and military and members of progressive organizations and partylist groups tagged by the military of being communist fronts.


These are the reasons which have caused the social volcano – a term used to describe Philippine social realities during the Marcos era – to once again threaten to erupt. The situation today is such that a new people power revolt similar to EDSA1 in all probability and possibility will happen.


And we cannot blame the people for this. A government without commitment to human rights and has been in fact its number one violator does not deserve to be in power. It is for this fundamental reason that we demand for Mrs. Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo’s ouster.


We stand with the peoples in the Philippines in their call for Arroyo’s resignation. But more than this, we are also calling for the formation of a new government based on the framework of human rights.



We demand that the new government implement reforms that include the following:



Out with Mrs. Arroyo now!


Build a government that upholds human rights, justice and democracy!


Only a government based on human rights can ensure fundamental and systemic changes responsive to the needs of the majority of our people.





Sr. Crescencia Lucero, sfic

Executive Director

Task Force Detainees of the Philippines